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Dental Practice Marketing

The most important thing to think about when marketing your dental practice are, is your website easy to find and are people seeing a positive image of the practice across the internet.

Dental Practice Marketing

Our Approach to Dental Patient Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

SEO helps potential patients find your practice by increasing the chances of you coming up in an online search. This helps you give the potential patient the information they are looking for when they are looking for it. Local SEO helps to increase your practices credibility within your market through showing up in multiple search engine results and listing sites with complete and accurate information. Google search results produce what is called the “3 Pack”. The practices in the “3 Pack” get 44% of the clicks on a search results page and good SEO puts your practice into the group of 3. This all leads to more website traffic, which in turn translates into having forms filled out on your website and phone calls to your office.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click/Digital Advertising clicks and cost can be tracked and more easily measured than a billboard, so it’s easier to gauge the effectiveness of the ads. It is easier track performance and calculate metrics as the ads are in the digital space where it is easier to capture the data. In addition, the nature of online information and how information about users is stored online, ads can be targeted on demographic information or based on user behavior. Last but not least, most people spend a majority of their time in the digital space. Display ads where people are looking, not where they aren’t.

Reputation Management

Improve your search rank by identifying online business listings that are inaccurate or missing from essential directories like Google, Facebook, and Bing. Monitor when your business is mentioned in a variety of sources, including news sites, blogs and social networks. Monitor Google Q&A, and ask and answer questions right from the dashboard. Examine how your business performs against the competition on search engines, in regards to review ratings, total reviews, and perform social comparisons. Machine Learning and AI analyze all customer reviews to  show you what aspects of your business are praised or criticized. Turn these insights into strategies to improve.

Our Owner

Jonathan Kamin

Jonathan Kamin

Owner & Principal Consultant

Jonathan Kamin is the Owner/Principal of Dental SEO. His career in the business automation and efficiency space started over 20 years ago. Thanks to having a great dentist, his uncle, he only has 2 fillings and a great smile.

He relocated his family to Raleigh over a dozen years ago from the Boston suburbs. His career in the business automation and efficiency space started over 20 years ago and he has worked with businesses of all sizes.

The Dental SEO has some core principles that it will not stray from:

  • Sell it, only if you can measure it
  • If you build it, make sure people can find it
  • Educate your customers to ensure good decisions are made
  • Create solutions for all budgets

Jonathan Kamin is married with 3 children who keep him busy. If he is able to get any free time, he is an avid sports fan of all New England based sports teams, Syracuse University and the beautiful game, soccer.

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