Dental SEO

So what is dental SEO, and how important is it when starting a dental practice?

Simply put, dental SEO (search engine optimization) is all about boosting your dental practice’s ranking in search engine results without having to pay for ads. But if you’ve ever searched on Google, and seen the millions of results that are returned, it’s easy to be discouraged.

Don’t get discouraged. There are many simple ways to improve your SEO and generate quality leads for your dental practice, and we’ve put together a list of six easy tips to help you do so.

1. Build an Attractive Website

It’s hard to overstate the importance of SEO for growing your practice.

And probably the easiest thing you can do to boost your rankings is to ensure that your website has an intuitive and attractive design. The key for dental marketing is to design a website that makes a positive impression.

This communicates confidence and professionalism. An ideal website will be smartphone optimized, will load quickly, and will be easy to navigate.

2. Interesting Content

Dental SEO, as with all SEO, is dependent upon quality content. This is the factor that Google evaluates when ranking the best dental practice on its search engine.

In order to compete, the content on your website should express that your practice is trustworthy and authoritative. The content should be concise and engaging and include anything from blog posts and infographics, to webinars, video content, podcasts, and much else.

3. Use Relevant Keywords

One of the most effective ways of generating quick dental leads is to use relevant, targeted keywords.

This is part and parcel of dental marketing, and competent dentists will know the key terminology and phrases that potential patients will use. The right keywords will vary and can include things such as “children’s dentistry,” “toothaches,” “cavities,” “teeth whitening,” etc.

4. Patient Reviews

Don’t overlook the importance of patient reviews for dental SEO.

Patient reviews are a way of demonstrating trust, professionalism, and competence. Soliciting reviews from patients, and developing a strategy to do so, is a must. Positive reviews will show Google that your practice is trusted and respected, and this will be reflected in your page rankings.

5. List Your Practice on Google Maps

When people search for a local business these days, they often resort to an app like Google Maps. Even for those using old-fashioned desktop search engines, a map directory usually is the first thing to appear.

This is why, when starting a dental practice, it’s critical to have it listed on Google Maps. All you have to do is claim your business listing on Google Maps, and add the requisite information: phone number, website, and photos of your practice.

6. Add Your Practice to Local Directories

Finally, don’t forget to include your practice on local directories and citations. These include sites like Yelp, Healthgrades, Vitals, ZocDoc,, etc. By listing your practice on these directories, you help to optimize your SEO with off-site rankings and build your online visibility.

Six Tips for a Better Dental SEO Strategy

As a busy dentist, you have enough to worry about without fretting over the intricacies of dental SEO.

But without an aggressive dental marketing and SEO strategy, your practice could be left behind. So if you need help growing your practice through better SEO, go ahead and contact us today at Dental SEO, and see what we can do for you.