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The number one result on a search engine gets up to 33% of the traffic from that search term. So, companies that hold the number one position get the most site visits that have more chances of converting to leads.

The benefits of getting to that number one position for your dental practice are clear, but the path to number one is not.

This is where Dental SEO Agency can help! Dental SEO Agency is an all-inclusive SEO powerhouse designed to boost your dental practice’s organic search results. Learn more about what Dental SEO Agency can do for you in this brief comprehensive guide.

Successful Organic & Local Search Engine Optimization

Close to 88% of consumers conduct an online search before they make a purchase. Since people often refine their search instead of going to the second page, most consumers never see companies outside those that manifest on the first page of results.

At Dental SEO Agency, we focus on getting your dental practice on the first page using organic, white hat SEO techniques. This means we use search engine best practices to work with search algorithms. So, you land on the first-page search results and stay there.

Not only do we focus on organic search, but we also increase the geographic search results for your practice. This will allow you to show up on top of more local users’ results and build a life-long clientele.

Website Development

Dental SEO agency is a full-service marketing agency for dentists. We offer all services needed to grow your dental practice in today’s marketplace. Our website development services help you attract more patients and increase patient retention rates using cutting-edge marketing techniques.

Today, websites need to be not only attractive but also effective. The success of your website depends on its ability to communicate an authentic brand image and effectively reach potential customers. At Dental SEO Agency, our web design team will develop a website that reflects your company’s values and aesthetic while maximizing usability.

Patient Marketing Plans

Dental SEO Agency offers 3 different unique plans to cater to your needs. Our first is the Rising Star Plan. This aggressive marketing plan allows you to rise above local competition through:

  • On-page SEO blogging and link building techniques
  • Keyword tracking
  • Reputation management
  • Pay per click advertising
  • And much more!

The market leader plan enhances your SEO strategy by adding more services. Get everything in the Rising Star package plus 7 additional keywords, 10 additional backlinks, and an extra topic. Plus, enhance your pay per click advertising with a landing page, call tracking, and advanced reporting.

Our final patient marketing plan, market dominator, allows you to steer the local market in your favor through an all-inclusive SEO strategy. Get an additional topic or extra location, up to 1,000 SMS messages for reputation management, and additional pay per click spending!

You can start small and grow your strategy over time or go all out right away. Whatever you choose, Dental SEO Agency will make it happen. Take advantage of our customized SEO packages today.

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