Patient Review Websites

So what’s the big deal about patient review websites? Well, more than 93 percent of consumers take online reviews into account when making decisions. Businesses are told to get more reviews on review websites to keep attracting new customers. And, as consumers, we are constantly being asked to leave a review for almost every transaction we complete.

Reasons why reviews on review websites are kind of a big deal

Dental Practices are often afraid to manage patient reviews on review sites as they don’t want to end up in one of these situations:

  • receiving zero business reviews
  • receiving zero recent online business reviews
  • receiving negative online business reviews
  • or, the practice simply has unmanaged online reviews across multiple business review websites

Unfortunately, these dental offices are missing out and hurting their practice through inaction, as reputation management drives conversion.

Reviews and social posts help shape a practice’s online reputation

In fact, one of the worst things a practice can do is ignore their online reviews and social posts. As easy as it is to make a mistake when managing an  online reputation, it can also be easy to recover if you monitor the reviews properly.

While damage will inevitably happen, a practice can take steps to mitigate the degree of damage that can occur on review websites. The biggest mistake of all a dental practice can make is not participating in helping to shape the conversation about their office online.

Reviews provide valuable feedback for a dental practice

While it can be easy for a practice to take negative comments to heart, it is important to recognize that reviews are constructive feedback. All in all, reviews are actually valuable feedback! They help an office gauge their performance and see how they can improve. There is always room for improvement and a lot can be learned even from positive reviews.

Through patient reviews, practices can see which products or services they should be boasting, which ones need work, and even discover employees who rock at customer service. If we have not yet sold you on the importance of online reviews, maybe these stats on online reviews will.

Top Dentist Review Sites