Dental SEO 3 Tips

Statistics suggest that 47% of adults didn’t visit the dentist’s office last year. Odds are that those individuals will have a few aches, pains, or instances of discoloration to their teeth sooner than later.

What do we do when we perceive something to be wrong with our bodies? That’s right, we make a Google search.

When that time comes, you want your dental practice to be the site that comes up first. That way, you can establish expertise and draw new clients to your doors. We’re going to talk about dental SEO, the process that can help you reach that top spot in Google searches.

Hopefully, the ideas below can help to kickstart your dental marketing campaign. Let’s get started with a few tips that will send you on your way.

1. Start With the Back End

It’s always a challenge to “fix” a website if you don’t have tech experience. The beautiful thing about SEO is that you can do a lot of good without any particular expertise.

Sites like Google Search Console and myriad other online tools allow you to identify small issues and fix them in no time. You might lose rankings because your clickable elements are too close together, for example, and Google Search Console will let you know.

Then, you enter your site builder and move your links a little farther apart. If you’re looking for a comprehensive overhaul, though, you might need to get an SEO audit from a qualified agency.

2. Initiate Content Creation

Content is a vehicle through which your rankings will flow. The more quality content you make, the more keywords you can rank for, and the more clients will see your site.

Content creation isn’t always easy, though. There’s a bonified art to it. Start by finding optimal keywords then brainstorm ideas for your content.

The idea is that your content should adjust to the popular keywords of the time instead of having your keywords squeeze into the content. If you can do this well, you’ll start to snowball success and generate a lot more interest in your site.

3. Optimize for Dental Leads

In dental marketing, the name of the game is constructing your site in a way that leads people to consult you.

That means including easy methods of reaching out to your staff within each blog post or piece of content. Your website copywriting should also direct people, however subtly, to your “contact” or “service” pages.

You already know they have an interest in your services because of the relevant keywords they’ve been searching for. Now, your only challenge is to make them understand that you’re the right dentist for the job.

Need Help With Your Dental SEO?

Dentist marketing is challenging when it comes to SEO. If digital marketing and dental SEO aren’t your strong suits, you might not want to spend any time on them yourself. That’s okay because we’re here to help.

An SEO agency can help jumpstart your online success while you focus on the things that matter to you. Contact us to learn more about SEO marketing, professional services, pricing, and a whole lot more.